Filming on Location

The benefits of filming at our drop zone and airport are unique and immense.  With our out-of –the-way location, maximum privacy is not an issue. 

The following stunts and special effects are welcome* at California City Airport:

Break the sound barrier

Defy gravity on the drop zone

Aerobatic maneuvers

In-flight filming

Full scale pyrotechnics (?)


Off road vehicle races and stunts (exclusively in our 63 acre drop zone)

                                                                                            *Upon approval, proper management, and obtaining any required permits (ß-smaller text below)


Film Production Safety

Fire and police services are available and sometimes required.  Our airport people (staff?) are keenly suited and experienced to support and offer their knowledge to aid your crew.

Save money with us by renting equipment on site instead of shipping or trucking it in.  We have a variety of equipment to choose from such as:  forklifts, cranes, water trucks, loaders, flat bed trailers and trucks, garden tractors, etc. 





Other Perks

Ample parking and space to set up and stage sets.

On site restaurant that will cater with advance notice.

Film at OHV (off road vehicle) permittable sites in town.

Restaurants and lodging accommodations in town.





 Films Shot Here (new item)

Fast and Furious 2-5 Sounds

Mission Impossible







Location Photos (new item)

Need airport photos for location scouts to see online.






Drop Zone

The skydiving drop zone can be used for special tests, experimentation, sky diving, military training, filming stunts (ßlink this to film section), and more.  63 acres adjacent to the Airport’s Southwestern end.  Daily fees apply and insurance is a must.