Press Release 12/15/14

Dec 19 2014

California City Airport Advisory Board

Press release:                                                                                                           
Dec. 15th, 2014

California City Airport L71 new runway lights and intersection signs

The new low profile LED runway and taxi lights are installed and operational at L71.  The runway was also measured and is being updated in the FAA national registry, it is 75 foot wide, not 70 foot wide as published.  The intersection signs are in and functional as well.

With this work done, we invite all of our Glider clubs and operators to revisit the L71 airport for glider use.  The new low profile lights are fantastic and remove the risk of a takeoff or landing mishap due to the old high profile lights.  We at California City Airport have always enjoyed the gliders and their soaring adventures and invite you all back to L71 to try the new runway and services.  Positioning for take offs and landings can be done from either end of the runway or at the center taxiway for your safety and convenience. 

In March, there will be a "Wave School" held at our airport and supported by the Southern California Soaring Academy, based at Crystalaire Airport.  New records for soaring will be sought after and most likely achieved.  We will publish times and dates on the airport website soon at  March 13th thru the 16th is proposed at present.

We hope to see you there and come join us for some fantastic gliding weather here at L71

Brought to you by the California City Airport Advisory Board and Airport Management, for more information call Robert King, Airport Manager at 760-559-3628

Plane Crazy II

Sep 09 2014


Come and join the fun at California City Municipal Airport October 4, 2014, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Presented by Mojave Transportation Museum Foundation and The California City Chamber of Commerce

XCOR AEROSPACE - TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! Special Presentation at 11 a.m. in Foxy's HOT AIR BALLOON RIDES - Please call for price and to RSVP 661.943.7616


BOOK SIGNING WITH BARBARA H. SCHULTZ, Author of "Endorsed by Earhart, How Amelia Financed Her Flying" Aviation Art, Books, Hats, Special BBQ on Foxy's Restaurant Patio,Booths and Displays

Warbirds and more fly in

Apr 18 2014

Warbirds and more fly in

Cal City Airport is happy to report that the first Sunday of every month is now a Warbird and Antique Aircraft fly in! The pilot's of the antique or warbird will receive a free breakfast or lunch at Foxy's Landing Resteraunt and also a certificate of display for the day that will assist in their status for taxes.  From 7 AM to 3 PM the airport will be open to these wonderful vintage aircraft and hope that this will create a new destination in a great low traffic area for everyone that enjoys seeing our Aviation History and having a fine breakfast or lunch at Foxy's Landing.

The atmosphere will be festive and welcoming, we assure you all.

For info, contact Norm Hill at 661-350-4320, Norm Hill Aviation Inc, or Foxy's Landing at 760-373-1555. This will commence on May 4th as our first event.